A downloadable game for Windows

Super-little prototype for Weekly Game Jam 133 'Wall Jump"

You should land exactly on both of your feet. Touching walls with any other parts of the body isn't allowed. 

In order to land that way kitty can only go down while rotating at angles-multiples of 90 deg.


Space button
- to jump while on ground
- to fall while on jump
- to fall while on rotation

Esc to quit

Music: G374 - Sea Breeze


SwirlingKitten.zip 24 MB


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The color palette is really nice, funny animations and smooth relaxing gameplay :) Nice job, you're a great artist

I legitimately adore this, the level designs are good and cat games are always a win for me! I did come across a bit of a bug where it never transitioned between levels sometimes but rebooting the game fixed it.

(Swirling Kitten is the second game on the video)